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They Have A Problem?

How Do You Work With Medical Health Professionals?

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What Kind Of Disorders Do You Think Are Related To
Sleep Apnea and TMJ?

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Sleep Apnea With No Snoring

Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Sleep Cycles

Negative Effects for Children with Sleep Disorders

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Safety of Over the Counter Dental Appliances

How The Diagnosis Of TMJ Helps Treat Sleep Apnea

Holistic Health Team

Meet the team of highly trained and specialized health care professionals with whom we work directly on many of our patients. Collaboration and a continuing dialogue with these team members delivers the highest level of health to our patients
in the shortest possible time, all without drugs and surgery.

Nutan Joy

Betty Glen Therapy

John Somerton

Dr. Nicholas Hogg

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Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines

American Academy of Craniofacal Pain

International Association for Orthodontics

The Upledger Institute

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